Timeline of events in the 2x2 religion

January 7, 1863 - William Irvine born in Kilsyth, Scotland

1884, January 23 - William Irvine (age 21) becomes a Freemason and joins the Masonic Lodge Stewart and never renounced it.

1893�1895 - William Irvine attends John Anderson's Bible Training Institute in Glasgow, still a Freemason.

1895 - William Irvine joins the Faith Mission in Ireland, still a Freemason

1897 - William Irvine started cult while taking advantage of Faith Mission support, and while still a Freemason

1901 - Edward Cooney becomes a worker for William Irvine while William Irvine was a Freemason

1901 - William Irvine resigns from Faith Mission, still a Freemason

1903 - First 2x2 convention held in Ireland

1903 - William Irvine, Irvine Weir and George Walker go to America to preach their 2x2 message.

1904 - The position or class of " friends" was started. You didn't have to become a worker to follow William Irvine anymore. Sunday morning meetings were started and held in homes of friends of the workers ( or "friends" for short)

1905 - 1905 Workers' list gives names and date they became workers. William Irvine's name appears and Edward Cooney's. No date next to William Irvine's name, the founder of the 2x2 religion.

1914 - 2x2 Religion registered as "The Testimony of Jesus" with British Conscientious Objectors Board, England

1914-1918 - William Irvine excommunicated from 2x2s

1914 - The first music edition of 2x2 hymn book is released. It contained 256 hymns.

~1922 - A supplement of 27 hymns was added to the Music Edition hymn book.

1928 - Edward Cooney excommunicated from the 2x2s

1928 - The next edition of hymnal was issued with 301 hymns and an appendix of 12 additional tunes.

1935 - Another supplement of 73 hymns was added for the 1928 hymnal.

1935 - 1935 Western Elders Mtgs in which it was decided on no TVs and decisions regarding divorce and remarriage. See Paul Sharps email

1942 - 2x2 Religion registered as "Christian Conventions" with the U.S. Selective Service

1947, March 9 - William Irvine died from throat cancer in Jerusalem, Israel

1951 - Complete revision of hymnal.

1952 - Archibald Irvine (William Irvine's son) died.

1954 - Paper titled "Spiritual Fraud Exposed" was published by Doug Parker

1960 - Edward Cooney died in Australia

1972 - Ernest Barry, 2x2 worker in Australia, indecently assaulted a 2x2 girl at least five times over four years.

1974 - Noel Tanner, an Irish worker sexually assaults a young professing boy about 14 years old. He does this about 5-6 times. Workers get one professing man to destroy evidence and then move Noel Tanner out of the country to avoid prosecution. Workers continued to cover-up the child sexual abuse, trying to cast doubt on the boy and the parents.

1982, January - The Secret Sect book was published by Doug and Helen Parker

1989, October - Alaska Letter about Truitt Oyler and Bob Ingram. I went into the work that year and overheard Howard Mooney (Oregon 2x2 overseer), talking to Wayne Harris about the child sexual abuse (2 year old child) in Alaska by a worker and how they convinced the parents not to report it to authorities.

1993 - Peter William Mousseau committed criminal sexual conduct with a 11 year old girl.

1993 - Reinventing the Truth by Kevin Daniel published

1993 - Reflections by Daurelle Chapman published

1995, May 5th - 2x2's registered and incorporated under name of Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies in Alberta, CANADA

1996 - Reflected Truth by Joan F. Daniel published

1996 - The Church With No Name by Lynn Cooper was published

1996 - Curtis Jacobsen, 2x2 Oregon worker caught in sexual acts with a minor.

1997 - Peter William Mousseau sexually assaulted a girl between 8-13 years old while in the 2x2 ministry in Chippewa County

1999 - Large number of excommunications in Alberta, Canada. Many meetings removed from homes

1999, Nov 1 - Australian 2x2s register their business under the name of Christian Conventions of Australia. Business name is still active of this writing. See also Australia. Link provided to the online business entry.

2000 - In Vain Do They Worship published by Canadian ex-worker Willis Young

2004 - Third printing of book The Church Without a Name by Kathleen Lewis

2006, May - 2x2 worker Ruben Mata jailed in California for child sexual abuse with many victims. California workers had moved him out of Mexico to avoid prosecution by authorities there. The workers also did not warn the parents who had meetings in their homes and foster children.

2006, November - Darren J Briggs criminal misconduct with a young boy.

2007, March - I started 2x2ministry.org website.

2008, Feb 1st - Jerome Frandles Letter to Michigan Friends about Child Sexual Abuse of Workers in Michigan

2010, February 8 - Darren J Briggs was sentenced to 180 days in the Huron County jail with 9 months probation and court fines and fees for a fourth-degree criminal charge stemming from an incident with a young Michigan boy in November 2006.

2010, April - Peter William Mousseau plead guilty to criminal sexual conduct with a 11 year old girl in Fork Township while staying in her home in 1993.

2010, June 21 - Peter William Mousseau was sentenced to five years on probation in Mecosta County�s 49th Circuit Court and ordered to register as a sex offender as well as being prohibited from having contact with children.

2010, Aug 24 - Former worker George Scandalis arraigned on charges of indecently assaulting and enticing a 14-year-old boy after asking to use the youth's cell phone.

2011, May - Court case of 2x2 worker Ernest Barry in Australia. Police knew of about 12 other victims but couldn't prosecute because they would not come forward.

2011, October 5 - First warrant for arrest of 2x2 Michigan overseer Jerome Frandle.

2011, August 25 - Peter William Mousseau was sentenced from two to ten years in prison for sexually assaulting a girl between the age 8 and 13 while in the 2x2 work in Chippewa County in 1997.

2011, September 16 - Jerome Frandles Letter to Michigan workers and friends

2012, March 12th - 2x2 religion registered under the name of Christian Conventions of Victoria with the Australian government. They claim to have business operations in Victoria, Tasmania, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Still active. See also Christian Conventions of Victoria

2012, May - Leslie White accused of Rape by female worker, aka Mango Chango

2012, May - Reuel Leach Letter about workers misconduct, gay and lesbian WORKERS and underage sex in South Africa

2012, August - Has the Truth Set You Free? book, 2nd edition, by Gene and Grace Luxeon published

2012, September 6 - Chris Chandler Letter went out to 2x2 friends referring to police investigation into his past.

2013, January 28 - Second arrest/warrant/complaint went out for Jerome Frandle.

2013, June - Jerome Frandle plead no contest to the charge of Failure to Report (Child Sexual Abus) and was sentenced to $200 fine plus court costs and other fees for a total of $675, 100 hrs. of community service which must be done in Michigan, and 4 days in jail.

2013, July - 2x2 worker Bill Denk sentenced to jail for failure to report child sexual abuse.

2014, March - Chris Chandler pleads guilty on 9 charges which include: unlawful indecent assaults, indecent assaults and gross indecency on three young female victims.

2014, June 26th - Former 2x2 worker Chris Chandler is convicted and sentenced to jail, must register on sexual offender's registry for rest of life and submit a DNA sample.

2015, February - Percy Watkins, an English 2x2 worker committed suicide.

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