2x2 Cult Terminology

2x2s have redefined many "Christian" words in the minds of the friends to control what the friends of the workers think when they read their Bible.

Sentences, Words and Meanings

Now, a sentence is composed of words. We all know that. The meaning of a sentence, the concept it conveys to us is determined by the words of the sentence.

Each word has one or more definitions. But in a sentence, the context determines the meaning of a word. And for that sentence, there is one correct definition.

Because of the definitions and associations with words, words mean things. When we hear a word, we understand its meaning according to its context. And we understand sentences according to the meaning we've come to associate about each word.

So, when a person changes the definition of a word, we can easily see how a sentence can take on a whole new meaning. When words are redefined in the minds of the followers of the workers, then sentences take on new meanings. Even and especially words in the Bible.

Whole Understanding of God Changed By Redefining Words

By changing the friends understanding of Biblical words, the overseers and workers have changed their followers understanding of the Bible. When 2x2s read the Bible, they use the overseers and workers definitions for words. This is the work of Satan.

Let me give an example so you can see how powerful it is when workers redefine words. Take the phrase in Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever."

An Example of the Power of Word Redefinition on a Child

Ever since I was a child, I was taught at home, in meetings and by the friends of the workers that we were the way that Jesus Christ started. And they used this phrase "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today...." to support the notion that the ministers going out in pairs as Jesus Christ sent the 12 apostles was to be the same... because "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today..." and so the ministry in pairs never changed.

As a child, when I read some things in the Bible, I would (as taught by parents, workers etc) substitute "us", the 2x2 religion, for the words "Jesus Christ".

Now you may ask, "How can you do that? How can you substitute a religious group in place of the name of God?" And then I ask you, "How could I not? This is what I was taught to do as a child."

Because as a child, I was taught that we were the way. Kids do what they are taught. And kids do what they are taught whether it is a verbal command, or they pick it up when they learn their parent's habits. In fact, few kids read dictionaries. Mostly we learn the definition of words through our communication with others. Much of my experience "learning" about the Bible was by the workers. My parents did not teach me how to read and understand the Bible properly.

And so doing some simple word-redefinition and word substitution, my little child-like mind was being warped by the workers and my parents as I tried to justify the 2x2 religion using twisted scripture and read our religion into the Bible. How else could I understand the Bible?

I ask you this: "When the workers call themselves 'the Truth' and then as a child you hear the phrase by Jesus Christ 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.. no man cometh unto the Father but by me..." then is it wonder as a child you think that Jesus Christ is saying that no one can be saved unless they join our group, profess and go to meetings? Which was our way of worship?

The Workers Redefining the Name of God

The workers have changed the meaning of Jesus Christ when they called their group "The Jesus Way". So when the friends read this passage in scripture, they think that their "way"/ religion has never changed yesterday, today and forever. So they use this phrase in Hebrews 13:8 to justify their workers going out in pairs, "just like they did in Jesus' day".

The 2x2s don't stop to think that the Bible is talking about Jesus Christ alone being the same yesterday, today and forever. They think of this Bible passage as a means of justifying their religion being "the same as in Jesus' day. I hope you can see that this thinking is not logical and actually contradictory. The meaning they take away from scripture as a result of redefining words and misusing them messes with peoples' minds and changes their view of the Bible and God. This is one of the damaging affects of destructive mind control.

The group has special meanings for words when used among members of the group. The quotes given are from actual members or now former members of the following.For example: to "profess" doesn't mean to them that you openly declare Jesus Christ as your Saviour. It means to them that you have been initiated into the cult by their ritual of "professing" (standing up and not even saying anything) in a meeting tested by workers"..

Cult words or phrases area capitalized or quoted to aid in discerning between cult words and their usage and the normal word.

2 and 2 MINISTRY or Two and Two MINISTRY
The idea of workers going out in pairs to preach their version of the gospel. Cult usage: "You know you've found the WAY when you find the 2 and 2 MINISTRY." I have heard this phrase used by workers who were supposedly quoting people that were "looking for truth".
This means that you are BAPTIZED by a worker. If you were a Christian and have joined the 2x2 group, you are required to be BAPTIZED by a worker in order to be truly "BAPTIZED". Cult usage: "Those new people are going to be BAPTIZED before convention." Baptisms by Christians weren't considered "true BAPTIZED" according to the workers. This is why "Christians" joining the 2x2s had to be BAPTIZED.
When the friends get together to give their testimony on the study. Often they repeat back what they've heard in the "gospel meetings"
Male workers who are accepted by the overseer are homeless, have sold all business, land and most possessions so they could join the "work". Cult usage: "All the BROTHER WORKERS on the west side of town are going to the funeral."
Annual MEETINGS held on CONVENTION GROUNDS for three - four days where WORKERS preach to them in two hour meetings three times per day. Cult usage: "I loved the SPIRIT at CONVENTION this morning. I don't remember what was said, but I remember the spirit of CONVENTION.
Collectively the elder from each Sunday AM meeting in the field. Cult usage: "The new workers are going to be meeting with the elders this Friday."
The man who fascilitates the Sunday AM meetings. Cult usage: "The elder is going to hand out some lists today."
The first or second or third wife of an elder. Cult usage: "Why don't you have a talk with the elder's wife?"
How professing people insinuate that they have been motivated by their god. When people feel called to do something, they don't necessarily check to see if it is God that is prompting them. Cult usage: "They felt called to get married even though he isn't professing." "He felt called to offer for the work."
How they describe when the spirit they are led by is causing them to do something. Cult usage: "I felt moved to call them." "I felt moved to make my choice."
Area within OVERSEER appointed geographical boundaries have been decided on by the HEAD WORKERS. The boundaries include some SUNDAY MORNING MEETINGS and exclude others. Two WORKERS are designated to a FIELD. WORKERS are not supposed to "interfere" with the WORK of other WORKERS in other FIELDS.
Means to go along with what the workers or elders tell you to do and not cause any "waves". Cult usage: - "You just need to fit in." "Why don't you just fit in?" "Just fit in."
The group or collection of people who have PROFESSED IN MEETINGS or who are FRIENDS of the WORKERS. Cult usage: "Most of the FRIENDS are going, so I think we should go too." Normal usage of the word friends would mean a person who you know well and knows you well and you care about each other and would help each other out without charging each other.
This is a phrase they use when referring to the starting of the group. When they say it was from the beginning, they mean the fellowship they have with their god, not that the group was started from the beginning. Cult usage: "This WAY was from the BEGINNING." "Our FELLOWSHIP is from the BEGINNING." "What we have is from the BEGINNING."
A MEETINGS where the WORKERS preach their GOSPEL. Cult usage: [man bragging]"I've attended every single GOSPEL MEETING this year." or "He has only missed one GOSPEL MEETING ever since he PROFESSED and that was because he was in the hospital and they wouldn't let him out.
Usually used when the workers want to tell you something in private. It usually brings on dread in the friends when the workers want to have a talk with them. Cult usage: "The older worker is going to have a talk with them about their TV."
This is the WORKER who tells other WORKERS on his STAFF where to go and who they are with that year. HEAD WORKERS also make arrangements for special meetings. HEAD WORKERS often travel to others HEAD WORKERS states and countries to talk and speak in their MEETINGS. Cult usage: "The HEAD WORKER is going to be in our MEETING this morning."
This refers to people who have quit coming to the meetings for their indoctrination. It also insinuates that the person who has "lost out" is going to hell. Cult usage: "They lost out when they believed that doctrine that was going around." "They got to watching TV and lost out." "They quit going to meetings and lost out."
To "profess" by standing up (usually) when a meeting is "tested". Cult usage: I made my choice when I was 10. That stranger made their choice yesterday. They're going to give people a chance to make their choice in meeting tonight.
Certain places where they meet together. This can include CONVENTIONS, SPECIAL MEETINGS, MEETINGS, SUNDAY MORNING MEETINGS and BIBLE STUDIES. Cult usage: "They may be LOSING OUT. I haven't seen them at MEETINGS for quite a while."
A distinguishing doctrine that workers promote. They claim that Jesus Christ instituted MEETING IN THE HOME and that worship in a church-owned building is grounds for God to send someone to hell. Cult usage: "We believe in the HOMELESS MINISTRY and MEETINGS IN THE HOME.
Adjective to describe things that they don't like. It's similar to the Unitarian church and that ethics and morality are not a part of their judgment. Cult usage: "You had some NEGATIVE experiences with the WORKERS."
Used to describe an attitude or behavior they don't like. Again, ethics, right and wrong are not part of the judgment. Cult usage: "Show love and support, steer clear of the bitterness and NEGATIVITY."
In this they mean they are not Catholic, Protestant or other denomination. However they are wildly different than Christians in their beliefs. If you want to refer to the group you could use several names: "They are one of the friends." "They are professing." "They're in the work." Cult usage: "We are NONDENOMINATIONAL." "Our group is NONDENOMINATIONAL."
Older worker
A worker that is more senior in age than another worker. The oldest worker leads the Sunday AM meetings and decides who leads the gospel meetings. Cult usage: "The OLDER BROTHER WORKER had a talk with our ELDER this morning about his son."
Referring to the WORKERS who are older and more senior than the younger WORKERS. This usually does not include the older sister WORKERS. Cult usage: "All the OLDER WORKERS are going to the WORKERS MEETING in [city name here] today.
The group of people who are not PROFESSING. These people are thought to be going to hell. They are people who haven't "seen the truth". Cult usage: "How many OUTSIDERS were there at MEETING tonight?"
Used to describe things in agreement with their cult or things that make them look good. Cult usage: "You need to think POSITIVE thoughts."
A person PROFESSES when a WORKER TESTS a MEETING by asking anyone to stand up (and not say anything) while they sing a 2x2 hymn. Cult usage: "I PROFESSED when I was ten years old." Normal defintion of the word: claim openly but often falsely that one has (a quality or feeling). People think of someone saying something when they profess something. But the 2x2s don't say anything when they stand up.
A person who has previously "made their choice" or PROFESSED. Someone who is in the 2x2 cult. Someone who have openly declared their allegiance to the WORKERS in a TESTED MEETING. Cult usage: "I have been PROFESSING ever since I was ten." and "Are they PROFESSING?" "How long have you been PROFESSING?" Normally we would think of someone as professing if they were talking or openly declaring about what they believed in.
Meaning to be put out of the group by a worker. This does not mean that you have sinned or offended someone or something legitimate. It usually means that you have not obeyed one of the head workers. Cult usage: "They were put out because they were causing trouble." "They were put out because they were teaching that Jesus is God."
Workers who are female and not necessarily blood sisters to any BROTHER WORKERS. Cult usage: "All the SISTER WORKERS are going to give their TESTIMONY this morning."
When the friends in a field get together to eat and sing from their hymnal and talk about things. Cult usage: "We're having a sing Friday night and you're invited."
MEETINGS held each year typically in a school auditorium where a couple FIELDS get together to hear the WORKERS talk. These MEETINGS are different than MEETINGS in the home and the annual CONVENTIONS. Cult usage: Are you going to SPECIAL MEETINGS this year?" or "Which SPECIAL MEETINGS are you going to?" or "We're going to have VISITORS at SPECIAL MEETINGS FROM Australia."
A list of topics and/or verses that the HEAD WORKER has put together that the FRIENDS are supposed to give their TESTIMONY on in BIBLE STUDIES. Usage: "Has the study list come out yet?" "I didn't know where to read because I couldn't find my study list." Bible study list - a list of the friends in a field and where each of them are to go for their Bible studies. Cult usage: "Has the Bible study list been printed yet?" [elder to friends in Sunday morning meeting] "Here are the Bible study lists for this year."
All the friends are assigned to go to certain Sunday AM meetings. Professing friends are expected to give their testimony each meeting.Cult usage "I didn't see you in the last Sunday morning meeting."
(the speech) - a short speech / recitation the professing people give during Sunday morning meetings or at convention or at Bible study. Usage: "I enjoyed your testimony this morning." "Why didn't you give your testimony this morning?"
(the group) - the reputation of the group. Cult usage: "I think [workers name here] is bringing a reproach on the testimony."
(reputation) - a professing person's reputation. Cult usage: "If you go see those movies, it's going to hurt your testimony."
Used to describe a person who didn't agree with what the workers taught and aren't fitting in. Cult usage: "They heard that TV's aren't allowed and quit coming to meetings because they were just UNWILLING." OR "He wasn't WILLING for the work anymore." "She quit coming to MEETINGS because she just wasn't WILLING.
The term originally came from the Faith Mission that William Irvine was excommunicated from. William Irvine used it to refer to his followers that he asked to go out 2x2. Later the idea of THE FRIENDS and MEETINGS IN THE HOME came up. Cult usage: "You need to behave today because we're having the WORKERS over for supper tonight."
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