List of scriptures that the workers twist

This is an incomplete list sorted by books in Bible of some of the scriptures that the workers twist to deceive people

  1. Ruth 1:16-17 - Workers claim that Ruth was joining their cult and leaving behind her parents and past to be with their fellowship. Truth - Ruth was becoming a Jew and was turning to God, not back to her previous gods. Ruth was getting closer to God, not joining a cult.
  2. Mat 5:19 - 2x2s teach that the only commandments you need to follow are from verses 19 to verse 48. All others it is OK to contradict. Truth - Jesus wants us to obey his commandments in all verses of the Bible as they apply to us.
  3. Mat 5:22 - Many workers teach that if you get angry, then you are wrong. Truth - we are not to get angry without a cause. Jesus got angry (Mark 3:5)
  4. Mat 12:8 - Workers teach that Jesus abolished the Sabbath. Truth - Jesus said it was OK to pluck ears of corn if you were really hungry on the sabbath, because the sabbath was made for man.
  5. Mark 10:17-22 - Cult leaders claim that this man was wanting to go into the work and Jesus wanted him to sell everything to go into the work and give the money to the workers. They lie in order to get money from people and render new workers helpless to get out of the work because they have no job or money then. Truth - This man came to Jesus wanting eternal life, lied to Jesus and then went away sad because he loved possessions more than God.
  6. Mark 10:18-19 - Cults use these verses to say that because Jesus didn't list keeping the sabbath (7th day of rest spoken of in Gen 2:3, that Jesus was doing away with the sabbath. Truth - Jesus didn't say to remember gravity, and that doesn't mean that gravity no longer exists
  7. Mark 10:18 - Cult leaders claim that even Jesus admitted he was not good. Truth - Jesus simply asked the man if he thought Jesus was good as God is good. He never stated that he wasn't good or was/is not God.
  8. Luke 10:1 - 2x2s claim that only true apostles go out in pairs like Jesus sent 12 men. Truth - Just because two preachers have a form of going in pairs or make it their commandment, doesn't mean they are apostles of God. We are to know people by their fruits. Which is more important; teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ or going out in pairs?
  9. Luke 10:16 - Workers teach people that if you don't follow them, then you don't follow God. Truth - Jesus was talking about the apostles, not about workers.
  10. Luke 24:1 - Workers teach that because Mary went to the sepulcher on the first day of the week, that they are have Sunday morning meetings on the first day of the week. - Truth: There is no commandment to worship on the first day of the week.
  11. John 20:19 - Workers teach that they must meet on first day of week in a house and this was instituted by the apostles. Truth - They happened to be gathered there on the first day of the week for fear of the Jews. At least one of the apostles actual custom was to preach on the sabbath in the synagogues. There is not a restriction on which day people can have fellowship or preach. We can have fellowship anywhere, not just a house. The apostles commonly preached at synagogues.
  12. Col 2:14 - Followers of the workers teach that they don't need to follow the commandments of God and can do whatever is right in their own eyes or the workers eyes. Truth - It is the judgment against us that is blotted out. We still need to obey the commands of Jesus and not kill, steal etc. In fact, Paul was warning the Colossians against people who would try to deceive them away from the "acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge."
  13. Rev 1:10 - Since John was in the spirit on the Lord's day, it must have been a Sunday. Truth - All days belong to God and the seventh day is the one Gen 2:3 that He rested on from all His work. It never says which day is "the Lord's day" and most likely was the sabbath. It is not a doctrinal issue on which day of the week to have fellowship.
  14. Philemon 1:2 - Workers teach that since Philemon had part of the church in his house that you must only worship in homes. Truth - The church is the body of Christ and may sometimes be in manholes or building skyscrapers and that doesn't mean that people should meet in newly constructed skyscrapers or sewer systems for fellowship.
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