Sad feedback

Sad feedback from No Name Jane

I believe this website contact was from Nathan Barker, a pro-cultist who spends a lot of time reading and writing on pro2x2 message boards. Nathan Barker left the 2x2 work to marry a woman who worships the dead. You can see here how the writer seeks to discredit me but wants to promote the cult. They act like they are kind and considerate while at the other time tearing you down. Also, it shows the favorite cult tactic of claiming people who leave their group are "mental". This sick, anti-social, sociopathic behavior is quite common especially among workers who love to control other people's lives. It's amazing how these admittedly damaged people think they know what's best for others.


I read some of your 2x2 web pages and when your "contact me" gave me an error reading, looked up your name on the internet. From what I have read, Bradly, I just want you to know that definitely you have some mental health issues that I wish you would be able to get help for. I kind of went off the deep end like you did too so I'm talking from experience. I'm not revealing my real name because I don't know if you are well enough to trust you. I just really feel for you because it's not all your fault. If you want to have salvation, Bradly, you know that this is the right way, leading home to Jesus and to God. So get back on track. Make amends. Get rid of the internet pages trashing the "2x2"s not because of damage it is causing us, but because of the damage it is causing you knowing that God doesn't want us to make fools out of ourselves. Repent. Get right like Jesus taught by cleaning the "inside of the cup" first. That's your own cup not everyone elses !

- we all have to answer to God individually. It sounds like there was family dysfunction when you were growing up. I feel this is probably the root of your instability. Don't beat yourself up. Get on medication. That doesn't mean you have a fault, it just means your mind has taken a beating along the way and now through no fault of your own, it needs medical help. Same as if you had diabetes or something, except it's your brain that needs the help.

I love the truth - or whatever name you want to call it, I love the workers, I love the friends. I'm not a social person so yeah maybe I don't have alot of close friends, but I really love all of the friends and workers. Remember, they make mistakes just like you have so be kind. Maybe some of them have done some bad things, I don't know, but I wonder if your spirit is worse. I know mine has been. Jesus taught us not to judge others - God will judge us all.When we judge ourselves there's no room left to judge others anyway.

From a business prospective, ditch the 2x2 page. It makes you look bad.

And that's the truth.

Sincerely, Jane Doe.

Why I find it sad:

  1. They don't suspect the 2x2 cult was/is the cause of mental instability.
  2. They admit they went off the deep end and thinks this gives him the knowledge on how to "help" me.
  3. They don't give their name. Have you noticed that people like to attack others without giving their name?
  4. They don't know what I know and assumes I think a cult is the way to God. Where's that in the Bible?
  5. They thinks I'm trashing the 2x2s by revealing their beliefs. Was I the founder of the 2x2 cult? Did I establish their ridiculous beliefs?
  6. They don't say what I should repent for. How is that supposed to help me? What is my sin?
  7. They judge me for judging others. Isn't that hypocritical?
  8. I believe the root of my family's dysfunctional behavior was the cult and my grandparents.
  9. How am I beating myself up? Hello?
  10. Why would I want to take medication? Telling the truth is not an illness or medicine deficiency. Some 2x2s would like to believe that medication will fix the problems caused by the cult.
  11. Have they thought that the reason they don't have close friends is that the cult breaks down friendships?
  12. What does warning people about the cult have to do with my business? I tell customers about the cult and warn them away from it. All of the people I have talked with have congratulated me and are happy. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the customers I have met have been kinder than any 2x2 that I have met.
  13. I find it sickening to think that I believed any of the 2x2s that badmouth people who aren't part of their group and claim they are all going to hell.
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Sad feedback

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