Personal Convictions and Revelations

Workers get PERSONAL CONVICTIONS or PERSONAL REVELATIONS from their god. They may refuse to talk about them or sit down over the Bible and discuss the issues. They claim they have the SPIRIT OF GOD and are therefore to be trusted over any doubts. Their PERSONAL REVLATIONS or PERSONAL CONVICTIONS conflict with other WORKERS who also claim to have the SPIRIT OF GOD. The Bible teaches that God is not the author of confusion. The idea of SPECIAL CONVICTIONS with private interpretations or understandings are of the devil. There is not one rule for one person and another rule for another person. There is one God. The idea of PERSONAL CONVICTION is subtly introduced when a person gets a REVELATION that the WORKERS are APOSTLES. This is when the person PROFESSES in a TESTED MEETING. THE FRIENDS will say about them "they really have it now", referring to the fact that the person has gotten the revelation that they are THE ONLY WAY and these (THE WORKERS) are the ONLY TRUE APOSTLES of JESUS CHRIST.


I have asked WORKERS questions about their views on divorce and remarriage. One WORKER will give one answer. When questioned, they claimed that they had the spirit of God and so were to be trusted. When I asked another WORKER and got a different teaching, they claimed that they had the SPIRIT OF GOD. So the question is "How can two people that have the SPIRIT OF GOD have different theology/teachings?" And the obvious answer is that they don't have the spirit of GOd / Holy Ghost, it is a devil authoring confusion. God is not the author of confusion and there is only one God. God doesn't give revelations that contradict the Bible.

Examples of Personal "Revelations"

  1. It's OK to divorce and remarry as long as your new spouse comes to MEETINGS
  2. It's OK for people to divorce and remarry if they keep come to MEETINGS and have "the right spirit"
  3. It's OK to date an OUTSIDER if they COME TO MEETINGS and PROFESS. You're justified then.
  4. What the WORKERS speak from the platform is "the Word of God"
  5. You should not ask the same question to two WORKERS. That is tempting or doubting God.
  6. Workers are apostles of God because they go in pairs
  7. The WORKERS are the only true ministry
  8. You have to PROFESS through the WORKERS to be saved.
  9. You need to go to MEETINGS all the time because it's scriptural
  10. You can only MEET IN A HOME because Jesus met in a home for fellowship
  11. etc


There are few people in the Bible that received Revelations from God. Paul, the apostle of Jesus Christ got a revelation from Jesus. I do not need a revelation. I simply have faith in Jesus Christ. I haven't gotten a PERSONAL REVELATION from Jesus Christ. And I don't believe that I need one. I have the same belief as the APOSTLES who worshiped Jesus Christ. I have faith in God and that's enough. God spoke directly to Saul/ Paul that was in accordance with scripture and was prophesied about before hand (that the gospel would go to the Gentiles). The REVELATIONS of William Irvine and other WORKERS contradicts the Bible and leads people into fear and bondage.

John got a revelation from Jesus Christ. Did he hide it? No, that would contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ. He published the Book to all the church. The revelation of John did not contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ, but fulfilled them.

There are many religions where they believe they are the apostles of Jesus Christ, or the seventh angel, or one of the two witnesses in Revelation. The New Apostolic Church is one example. The Mormon church is another example - "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has 12 apostles, just like in New Testament times." The Mormons also send out people in pairs. Of course, the 2x2s believe the Mormons are of the devil, but not them.

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