No Television

Overseers and workers of the 2x2 religion may preach against having a TV. They say it is because there is bad stuff on TV. They may say that TVs are evil.

The real reason that I have found that they don't want people to have TVs is because they don't want people to stay home and watch TV instead of coming to meetings. Also, there are shows on TV about cults, showing how they can be dangerous. Also, there are shows on TVs that show that incest is wrong. If the young kids who have been molested by overseers, workers or their elders saw on TV that child sexual abuse was wrong, then perhaps the children would report it to the authorities and the child molesters would go to jail.

TVs show many programs that get people to think more than the preaching of the 2x2 workers

Here's why I have come to believe this:

Evidence of the Workers Lie: Internet Allowed

The workers allow their followers to have Internet. There are more evil things on Internet than on TV. So if their real reason was to keep people from the bad shows on TVs, then they would be concerned about evil websites available through the Internet. Internet is commonly accepted and many workers have Internet connections and laptop or netbooks and some have Internet-enabled cell phones.

When I was a child, and our family traveled and stayed in motel rooms, we turned on the TV and watched it. My parents allowed this. This showed to me that my parents didn't believe in the workers' "no TV" rule. It was hypocrisy to teach one thing but do another.

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