2x2 Belief: Must be a 2x2 or Profess the Workers to be Saved

This core or fundamental teaching of the overseers and workers is evident from what happens in the 2x2 religion. It is an initiation and condition of membership. Christians from denominations have to "profess" the workers in order to "take part" in meetings.

Compare to What Jesus Taught

The Bible teaches us that if we want to be saved, we must be born again. We must receive Christ. Jesus did not teach "testing meetings", nor did any of the apostles. Read John 1

Joh 1:12+ But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.
  1. Workers "test" meetings each mission and it is staged. People are talked with beforehand so they know who is going to profess. Sometimes they will "test" a meeting and just hope someone stands up, but they always do it with someone in mind. They don't want any surprises. What would they do if someone stood up who didn't believe in their message? LOL. I know this from experience as a worker.
  2. If they believed that you didn't need to "profess" in meetings to be saved, then why do it? Jesus never "tested" any "meetings". Neither did any of the apostles. Also, standing up in a meeting does not make a Christian, it makes you "professing" the 2x2 way.
  3. If it really was about "an outward sign of an inward choice", then don't they believe it would be obvious when someone believes in Christ? The Bible teaches water baptism for believers.
  4. People in the group ask others, "Are they professing" instead of "are they Christian". This illustrates clearly what is more important to them.
  5. Christians have to profess in order to join the group. When I was a worker, two Christians had to profess to join the Sunday morning meetings.
  6. After people profess, some will say "You have made the right choice". How can they know you made the right choice about Jesus if you just stood to your feet in a meeting and they never heard you confess Jesus Christ?
  7. Overseers have to hear a persons divorce/remarriage case before allowing them to "profess".


  1. If "professing" wasn't so important to them, then why do they do it?
  2. If professing wasn't important, they why cannot people "take part" in their meetings until they profess?
  3. Why are people grouped into two categories of professing and un-professing instead of Christians and non-Christians?
  4. When attending a Christian funeral, why do 2x2s will say about the Christian deceased, "It's a shame they didn't profess."?
  5. Why do they say at funerals for professing people that they were saved when "professing" people die?
  6. Why don't they say Christians were saved if they have a funeral for a Christian who was not professing?


2x2s believe that THEY are the one true fold. So then logically if they are the one true fold, then the Good Shepherd must be calling others to join them, right?! And so if people don't join the cult, then by deduction, they must be going to hell!. The whole error is in their belief that they are the only ones going to heaven. Using this understanding, consider the implications of this 2x2 worker's writings at http://housechurchesandapostles.blogspot.com/2009/12/more-thoughts-on-john-10.html

And I quote

More thoughts on John 10...

Jesus told about 3 different 'kinds' of sheep in this chapter. He spoke of 'my sheep' hear my voice, I know them and they follow me (Jn 10: 27). He spoke of 'other sheep' that are not of this fold, them I must bring and they will hear my voice; there will be one fold and one shepherd (Jn 10:16). One can easily understand the feelings of the good Shepherd that those that aren't of the fold must be brought in to the place of safety. Then he spoke some that believed not because you are 'not of my sheep' (Jn 10:26).


Since I was a worker, I can translate what this worker was implying (he took down his blog after I emailed him questions, and he found out who I am) The workers believe:

  1. The "my sheep" he believes are the people that are "professing"
  2. The "other sheep" are the people who are "saved" but not professing yet, but are coming to meetings and if they really believe in God, then they will profess
  3. The "not of my sheep" are people who are not saved and not coming to meetings.

Behavioral Indications

  1. If you meet with Christians for fellowship, 2x2s will try to convert you to their beliefs and get you to attend meetings to profess so you are seduced by a spirit.
  2. As a general rule they don't have fellowship with Christians, unless appearing that way will get you to meetings.
  3. I remember personally Wayne Harris talking with Howard Mooney about a 2x2 elder who believed others were saved and Howard had him excommunicated
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