Heresy- Profess / Stand in a "tested" meeting

The 2x2 meaning of the word PROFESSING is as follows:

Professing - Standing in a meeting while they sing part of a hymn to show your faith in the workers and allegiance to the group.

Biblical Usage of Word Professing

Rom 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.


This page is probably the most important page you will ever read about 2x2s. Their whole religion focuses around PROFESSING. Questions commonly asked among 2x2s when meeting someone new: When did they PROFESS? How long have they been PROFESSING? Do their parents PROFESS? etc. The 2x2s know that if you PROFESS, then there are many things they can assume about you. If you are PROFESSING, then they feel safe talking with you, and that you share the SAME SPIRIT as them. All 2x2s intuitively know that if you are PROFESSING, then you have received the same spirit as them. It is the seducing spirit that Paul, the apostle wrote to Timothy, warning:

1Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

If you are "PROFESSING" but no longer have their spirit, they call it "PROFESSING, but not possessing". If someone leaves the cult, then they may say "They never had it anyway" or "He was PROFESSING, but not possessing".

If you go to a church, they ask if you are a Christian. If you are new to the people in a meeting, they want to know if you are "professing". There is a huge difference between "professing" and being a "Christian". My grandpa used to believe/ say that if you didn't bring someone to meeting who professed, then you probably weren't "possessing". Workers and their followers who get people to profess gain more confidence, believing that God must be with them. However they fail to remember that the Catholics probably say the same thing when they get people to be baptized into the Catholic Church.

Attention to Christians

Before you can PROFESS, you must first receive attend a series of meetings, accept the WORKERS as the true servants of God, and accept a revelation from the devil that their group is the only way to heaven and these workers of iniquity are God's servants. This is not a church, it is a church-imitation, a cult!

You have to deny Jesus Christ and His work on the cross first. All the people in meetings had to PROFESS to join, you would be no different regardless of what a 2x2 tells you. When the workers test the meeting, only non-professing people are expected to stand.

They May Team Up On You

If you are a woman, then the men workers in a field may even bring in a woman worker to make it easier for you PROFESS. If you are a man, then the women WORKERS in a field may even bring in a male WORKER to make it easier for you PROFESS. They may do a three way call. The more they can get to tell you the same lies, the more likely you are to believe them. Also, they frequently repeat or insinuate lies to get you to believe them.

Usually they test the Sunday meetings because it has the added pressure from Sunday morning meetings, but sometimes they will test mid-week meetings if they have someone particular in mind.

If you PROFESS the WORKERS WAY by standing to your feet, then evil spirits will enter you and you will be a child of the devil. PROFESSING is the initiation into the cult. This is a strong contrast to Christianity in which baptism is the outward sign that you have accepted Christ.

If you PROFESS in their MEETING, then you will then be allowed to recite testimonies in meetings with them.

If you reject Christ and the cross, then there is no other sacrifice to sins, having willfully despised Christ, knowing who he is and having had the Holy Spirit in your life. A horrible blackness will fill your soul that you cannot shake and all the joy you once had in Christ will be destroyed.

I have seen the lost look in the eyes of two Christians who PROFESSED in the meetings that Randy Russell and I held in Albany, OR.

Their names are Will and Phyllis Smith if you want to look them up. Randy had to get permission of the overseer Howard Mooney (now deceased) in order to allow them to PROFESS. In Texas remarried people can PROFESS and fellowship with 2x2s.

Satan is a liar and a deceiver and a seducer of souls.

Followers gain power in the cult by bringing more people to meetings and helping more people to profess. They may tell you that you don't need to profess to join, that they accept you as a Christian, but they will still try to get you to profess and "take part" in meetings. This is what Paul, the apostle warned about "speaking lies in hypocrisy" in 1 Timothy 4. They may even claim that there is no membership, yet will admit their name is on a field list. The fact remains, they want you to profess. And the fact that they keep testing meetings proves that.

The Messenger

Mostly, it is the "friends" or followers that bring people to meetings. The workers know that once you trust their messenger, you will trust their message. They may try any number tricks: guilt trips, "you don't love me", "what's wrong with you", lavishing affection, praise, build up your pride, brag about you etc to make you feel bad if you don't accept them, agree with them and profess. This is a false guilt trip. Your best solution is to end the relationship and get away as fast as possible. Getting involved with unhealthy relationships with liars, in dating, and in meetings with evil spirits is a nasty combination with many possible horrible outcomes. Remember: rebuke the devil, flee youthful lusts.

Beware of These Lies

People in the cult will probably prep you before hand to condition you to "profess" in a meeting. They may make it look like no big deal if you are a Christian and say something like this:


  1. "It's only to confirm to others what you already believe."
  2. It's no big deal. Everyone professes at some time or another.
  3. It's not a big thing. It's just declaring your Christian faith to others so they know.


  1. Will they put what they just said in writing (so that you can email it to me and I can publish it on website?)
  2. If it wasn't a big deal, then why are they "testing" the meetings?
  3. If it wasn't a big deal, then why are they trying to minimize it?

2x2s know how big a deal that professing is. While they may say to you that "standing in a meeting" means one thing, but to them it means something totally else. A 2x2 named Brandon Miller writes about his "official" act of professing.

...Before I officially professed I was sitting in a Sunday morning meeting in Illinois before it started and started reading through some hymns....

2x2s that are professing know that they need a professing fiancée to have the workers' blessing on a marriage. Otherwise they would be "unequally yoked". They may cite:

2Co_6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Powerful Spirit

It is quite possible that the devil himself is in the meeting when it is tested. If you are a Christian and have somehow found yourself deceived and caught up in the cult and going to meetings, then you must fight this demonic spirit with your whole being. Wrap your feet around the chair legs, pray in tongues, pray fervently, remember that Jesus taught salvation comes through confessing with your mouth (not standing up in a meeting during a hymn) and by receiving him, not the cult leaders. If you have brought duct tape, then duct tape your feet to the chair.

Tested meeting - A 2x2 worker's meeting in which they ask you to stand to your feet to show you want to join their group. If you were a Christian already and wanted to join them, you would have to profess first. Most 2x2s believe that you need to profess to be saved. But that teaching seems lost on some. Read below:

One important thing to get out there is that I do not believe that one has to come in contact with this ministry in order to be saved--The Bible is very clear on what is needed to be saved, of which knowing or being a part of the ministry is not a requirement.

- Brandon Miller of Round Rock, TX

I appreciate Brandon sharing his beliefs. I don't know how the workers in his area feel about this, but I'm glad that he believes he doesn't need the workers to be saved.

What Bible Teaches

The Bible teaches baptism as an outward sign of belief in a particular message. Those who believed John the Baptists message (repent, and that Jesus was coming) were baptized by him. Those who believed in Jesus Christ, were baptized into his message. And then came the baptism of the Holy Spirit, when Jesus baptizes those who believe.

No Scripture for Satanic Practice of Professing the Workers Way

There is no scripture for "testing a meeting" or "professing". Some could say that they think they are becoming disciples of Jesus, but really they are joining a cult. They have no idea of the devastation that it will have on their lives (and their marriages). No matter what they say before people "profess", you are expected to be devoted to the cult, go to the meetings and "give your testimony".

How It Works

After a series of 2x2 meetings, the worker talks with the overseer and decides (if anyone is ready to join) to "test a meeting". Here's how it works.

  1. At the beginning of the meeting, things are as normal. But many people know that the meeting is going to be "tested".
  2. A Hymn or two is sung from the 2x2 RL Allan and Sons hymnal
  3. A worker prays
  4. A hymn is sung
  5. The younger worker (not older companion) preaches ~15 minutes
  6. A hymn is sung
  7. The older workers preaches. He usually preaches a sermon on these topics before testing the meeting: 1) story of Ruth and Boaz 2) Servants finding bride for Isaac (Rebekkah), 3) donkey met where two roads meet, 4) treasure hid in a field, pearl of great price etc
  8. At the end of his preaching, the older worker will say something like "Some of you have been going to meetings for some time now. And we are going to give you an opportunity to make your choice known. If you have accepted Jesus and want to show others with an outward indication, then you can stand to your feet during the last verse of the next hymn. We will sing hymn # X.

    At his point as a child (when I hadn't professed yet), my heart would pound in my chest. I would get so scared. NO, I was terrified. I felt that if I didn't profess then I would go to hell. After the meeting, I felt that the friends despised me and were disappointed with me for not joining the cult by professing. I felt rejected and sad. I definitely didn't feel loved. I felt like I had let my parents down (again and again with each "tested meeting") and went on a guilt trip afterwards. I hated "tested" meetings and the way they made me feel.

  9. The workers usually remains standing behind the microphone.
  10. Some people may "profess"/stand up (the workers knows before hand who is going to "profess" in this "tested" meeting (otherwise they wouldn't test the meeting). But sometimes a kid pop up unexpectedly. There is huge peer pressure and pressure from parents on children to "profess".
  11. After the hymn is sung, the worker may say "Ok, you may be seated now"
  12. Then the older worker will pray, insinuating that now the person has "made their choice". This typically contradicts what they earlier said about "if you have previously made this choice". Now they make it seem like they are just making their choice for the first time. And they are reinforcing their belief that the choice they just made by "professing" is to join their group/ the cult. That is what the workers care about. The workers DON'T WANT you to become a Christian. Christians have to "profess" in order to join them (and they may have to get an overseer's approval to let a Christian profess)
  13. The meeting is then over, and the workers head to the back exit to shake hands and collect money again.

Confusion about Professing

Many kids think that they need to profess to be saved. But yet, when they get older they realize that they don't even know if they are saved. This is because they don't know how to be born again, because they don't know God. They just know a wide variety of opinions from the dozens of workers that come and go and teach their opinions to these followers. Read one 2x2's beliefs that he sent me in an email

I also do not believe that everyone who "professes" is saved, because that is between the creature and the creator--not something that I could ever know.

- Brandon Miller of Round Rock, TX


This is how 2x2s typically talk. They express themselves in the "negatives" / in what they don't believe in. Like "I don't believe in churches. I don't believe in a paid ministry. I don't believe in TVs. It also shows that Brandon doesn't believe what Jesus Christ taught about being saved is true. If a person believes they are saved by receiving Jesus Christ, then when someone confesses Jesus Christ with their mouth and receives Jesus Christ, we know they are saved.

Rom_10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

No Scripture

I want to emphasize that there is no scripture or doctrine in the Bible that teaches anyone to "test" meetings. It is not something taught by God in the Bible. Workers learn it from older workers. If a person wants to obey God, they do not need to "profess" in a meeting. This teaching of "professing" and the practice of "testing meetings" is not in the Bible anywhere.


If you "profess" then as workers, the next thing we wanted to do was baptize them into the workers' way. Christian baptisms were not accepted. The baptism has to be performed by a worker.

Expected to "Profess" to be Saved, Expected to "Take Part in Meetings"

The term "profess" when used by a 2x2 does not mean that you confess with your mouth and say "I believe in Jesus". It means that you "stand to your feet" in a "tested meeting". That is a very important point. Again, the term "profess" doesn't mean that you confess to the world to serve Christ, it means that you have allied with the workers. You are professing the workers' way, not confessing Jesus Christ. They don't want Christians, they want "professing people".

As a 2x2 worker, I taught people that they needed to stand in meetings and remain silent or sing the hymn with everyone else (actual actions for word "profess") to be saved. I have been told that the custom varies from country to country, but the idea is the same. You must make a commitment to the group, not necessarily to Jesus Christ. In fact, if you do believe in Jesus Christ (a Christian), you would have to renounce your other fellowships and "profess" in order to have join them and receive the same spirit as them. When I was a worker, a "Christian" divorced couple who wanted to join the cult had to "profess" in order to "take part in meetings".

The problem was that people didn't know Jesus after we had taught them "gospel meetings" because the message was so muddled with cult phrases and cult speak that people didn't even know the commandments of the Lord. We also despised Christians and were antisocial in our views. It was a horrible mess. The teachings of the workers' way and their traditions made the Word of God of none effect anyway. You cannot be a 2x2 and a Christian.

After you "profess" in the workers' meeting, you are expected to "give your testimony" and attend all their meetings. If you attended other church services or fellowshipped with Christians, they would say that you didn't get the "message withing the message". This "message" that they/we were talking about is that they are the only ones saved and going to heaven. And if you aren't part of that group, then you're "lost".

No scripture for "Professing" or "Standing to your feet"

I tried to find any scripture to support standing in a meeting while a hymn is sung, but couldn't find any in the Bible. It's such a pity I was so misled and didn't search the scripture for this teaching of the workers years ago. Professing is required by the workers before people can be part of the cult.

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