Belief Changes or Changes in the Cult

The cult has undergone many changes:
  1. They used to have poor workers and became called "Tramp Preachers". Now the workers go about in suits and ties and drive nice cars.
  2. People were only considered saved before if they sold everything and gave it to William Irvine. Now people may be considered saved if they "profess" in a meeting.
  3. William Irvine used to have control over all the workers. Now overseers have taken over the operation and booted William Irvine out.
  4. It used to be that William Irvine was the wealthy one and all the workers were poor. After he started "overseers", they became powerful, wealthy and booted him out. Many overseers were more popular than him.
  5. After the overseers gained control, they had power. Now overseers are so lame in many areas that popular workers have gained power have gathered money for themselves which emboldens them.
  6. Workers were forbidden to have bank accounts. Now many workers have bank accounts to protect themselves in case they are fired.
  7. William Irvine and many other workers used to openly berate Christians in their meetings. Now, for the most part, workers avoid talking about other denominations because of fear of offending some and not being able to talk their way out of it.
  8. William Irvine used to be a "fundamentalist" despite twisted interpretations of the scripture. Now a lot of new age theology is mixed in with the workers preaching. The most popular new age thinker I can remember is Doyle Smith. They talk about things being "positive" or "negative" which based on new age relativism.
  9. Gospel meetings in public places used to be the norm. After William Irvine changed his theology, he allowed Sunday Morning meetings for the "friends of the workers" to encourage people who wanted to financially support him.
Of everyplace we had lived so far (and since) none has been as liberal as Oregon.

When we originally moved back, I was ostracized by the local kids for a while because---they all had stereos and I did not. My family wasn't about to have a stereo in their home--and the professing children all thought that I was a hopeless loser because I didn't have one (and I knew that I wouldn't be getting one).

They also all played sports and watched sports and were very proud of those among the flock who were good at sports. I had always longed to play--and was never allowed.

so at that time--they seemed worldly to me. Of course these things are acceptable most places now.

so in the 1970s they were quite worldly compared to some of the other areas I had been in. ckirkham - a 2x2
2x2 Beliefs



Above Jesus Christ

Jesus not God


Long Hair & Buns

No Makeup

Workers are apostles

Gospel 10s

Not Hirelings

Homeless Preachers

Going 2x2

Meetings in Home


One Fold

They are the Only Way

No Church Buildings

Marriage Forbidden



Attend Meetings

The Right Spirit

2x2 Gospel

2x2 righteousness

Belief Changes

Workers Interpret

No Jewelery Rule

No Pants Rule

Personal Convictions

Must Go to Meetings


Must be 2x2


2x2 Rules

Bread and fruit of vine

Dying Ministry

Give Your Testimony




Worship Workers

Salvation by Workers

Controlling Myths

Workers Shouldn't Work

Workers Send to Hell



Deny yourself


Sunday AM Meetings


Twisted Scriptures

Taking Part

Way Perfect, people not

Workers not working

Testing Meetings

Sad feedback

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