2x2 Preaching Examined

An examination of 2x2 preaching: their introduction, brainwashing and preaching tactics. After years of hearing about people depressed after listening to years of 2x2 preaching, I decided to examine the overseers and workers craft.

My Background

I was in the 2x2 preaching business for 1.5 years when I was 18 and 19 years old. I've preached in over 50 "gospel meetings" and a half dozen conventions. I was raised in this religion as a child and professed the 2x2 way for about 33 years until my exit at age 33.

After reading a blog about a woman wanting to kill herself, and having been raised a 2x2, it made me wonder what about their preaching is so destructive. After reading a few 2x2 sermons it became clear to me that there is a definite pattern and tradecraft to their preaching. While enemies of countries go out killing people with physical weapons, the 2x2 workers use words and the spirit within them to do their work. They go about trying to convert you..or else.

I wanted to put it in writing so that I can put my thumb on their tactics that destroy people's lives. Hopefully by putting their preaching craft into words, you will be able to see how it can or has affected your life. I would like to show specifically using examples of how I believe 2x2 workers brainwash and destroy people's spirit.

Breakdown of a 2x2 Sermon

First, I'm going to list the parts of a 2x2 sermon. The parts of a sermon can be similar thoughts placed at the beginning, middle, end of an sermon. The parts or aspects may also be word or concept repetition which amount to brainwashing (washing people's minds of normal and cautious thoughts).

First, The Setup Before the Preaching

I believe the most important part of a meeting is the setup or the staging of the sermon. Unless a 2x2 preacher has a good setup and has been uplifted by their converts, their preaching would be boring and most people would soon leave.

First, you have followers called "the friends" who brag up the workers and hold them in high esteem. This is important in sorcery. Sorcery is when someone exalts themselves in the eyes of people to be someone great.

Now these followers cannot share the message themselves, no. They have to get you to a meeting. This makes it clear that the whole meeting thing is fundamental in their business. "You need to go to a meeting", they say, "All your questions will be answered there." Good luck on getting your questions answered since meetings are monologues with no opportunity for you to ask questions.

Giving You a Ride

My advice: don't go, or take your own vehicle or get a cab. Followers like to give people rides to meeting. This is a red flag. Social courtesy? I don't think so. When they give you a ride to their meeting, they control when you leave through social "niceties". If you decide the preaching stinks and feel uncomfortable, you are basically trapped in the meeting until they are ready to leave. Then you have to stick around for the full hour, and do the meet n greet, handshakes and all the love-bombing smilies that causes you to forget of the dull, mind-numbing preaching.

Dead Silence - Prepping for Brainwashing

Part of the setup, is the 10-15 minutes of required silence before the meeting. Here you sit on a hard chair, waiting for 10-15 minutes for the prescribed time before the workers come up to the platform.

Make no mistake. Often they will thank people for the silence or nice spirit before the meeting. Hah. There may be child molestors, one of the workers may be in an adulterous relation with one of their followers, or sleeping with another worker, and they still say this. "So what type of spirit is this then?", you can ask.

The Spirit of the Meeting

But wait, before the first speaker speaks, one of the workers may have preached "We pray that your spirit would guide the meeting." Sounds nice, doesn't it. However, there is more than one spirit. The Bible lists several. There are evil spirits. There are unclean spirits, and yes, seducing spirits. Just because someone is "spiritual" does not mean they are Godly. Witches are spiritual. Wicken are spiritual. The devil is spiritual.

Walking Up

And they walk up in suit and tie, dressed nicer than everyone else, and one sits down in a chair and the other saunters up to the podium (which physically lifts them up above the sitting crowd.

In Pairs, 2x2, Two by Two

There is almost always two preachers. They call themselves "workers" amonst those in the known. This should be a red flag. They think preachers must go in pairs, 2x2, two by two, otherwise the preachers are false prophets. Never mind that Abraham was a preacher of righteousness and was married and very wealthy. No, these workers go in pairs, apostles of their overseer (not of Jesus Christ), and believe all other preachers who don't go as they go are children of the devil, false prophets, ministers of Satan. That's one of their fundamental beliefs. It's good to remember when you see two of them. No, they won't tell you this upfront. They wait until you've been reeled in.

And yes, they are in pairs, sent out by their overseer, to their designated field (geographical boundaries of where they are allowed to preach) because they believe preachers must go out in pairs (2x2 or 2 by 2 etc) or they are children of the devil. They don't announce this wild belief, but it is one of their teachings and thats why there are two "workers"/preachers preaching at this meeting. Sometimes their may be one, if one is sick, or three if a visitor. But they don't allow Christian preachers in their meetings.

They Hymns

start the meeting with a hymn. "We'll begin our meeting this evening with hymn number blah, and everyone obediently opens their hymn book and they begin their uninspired singing. The singing is from their hymn book (doesn't include "Amazing Grace") and they will never use other denominations hymn book. Just their own printed hymn book. Many hymns may look similar, but many have had their words changed. So the hymns may look the same at first glance, but upon closer inspection they have carefully reworded some verses.

The oft sung passage comes to mind, "Silence all your doubts and reasonings, in subjection to his will." But it's not God's will they want you to be subject to. Those types of people are "trouble-makers", have a "bad spirit" who start talking about sin, repentance, salvation by grace in their fellowship meetings. They get booted out.

Next is prayer. Yes, we haven't gotten to the preaching yet, but they are making an impression before they even start. Here they want to pray in public, in front of everyone, showing how pious and reverent they are to their god. And yes, I say "god", because they don't believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who saves souls through Yahweh's promise, his grace, repentance and faith - the gospel preached in Genesis 11. After the pious prayer, we have yet another hymn.

The next hymn is chosen before the first speaker. The first speaker is a younger man or women.

The first hymn is supposed to reflect the thoughts of the first person speaking. They are the one who chose the hymn. I learned this when I first started preaching. Not only do you preach, but you have to find a hymn that somewhat matches your thoughts.

And here's why they have their own hymn book - their sermons' main point teaches things not in the Bible, and not in Christian hymns! So that's why they need their own hymn books. They aren't going to start their sermon after singing a hymn about being saved by the grace of God through faith, especially since they don't believe in this. Their two fundamental teachings are homeless preachers and Sunday morning meetings in the home.

In fact, what does the devil look like?

2 Corinthians 11:12  But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

So here we are, the first speaker is about to open their mouth, and everyone has been set up with how great their preachers are, going out homeless in pairs (supposedly like apostles) and you've all been quiet for 10-15 minutes, you're trapped here for the next hour or more if they gave you a ride, sung a hymn which kinda looks similar to others, heard a nice pious prayer, sung another hymn, and they begin talking. Now let's look at the format of their sermons and aspects of their preaching.

The Outline of their Preaching

  1. How happy they are to be there (about 9/10 workers hate preaching)
  2. How they're so glad to be part of their ministry (many workers suffer from depression)
  3. Their thoughts, what they've been thinking
  4. A verse from Bible (used for authority, using God's name, to gain credibility)
  5. A story (that promotes their thinking, not scriptural lesson)
  6. A scare tactic: death, somebody dying, disease, rejected - builds tension and fear, often done to destroy God's character and get you thinking ill of God, to misrepresent God
  7. Something funny to get everyone to laugh to break up tension
  8. Equating themselves with apostles, God's true servants
  9. Their great sacrifice (rather than Jesus Christ's sacrifice for our sins on cross)
  10. Something they don't like or don't want you to do
  11. Insinuate or outright say what they want you to do
  12. Encourage you to keep coming to meetings or insinuate bad things will happen if you don't
  13. Closing thoughts (this is what the kids have been waiting for)

Use of Allegories

Workers use allegories a lot, and parables, so that they can have double meanings. The "friends" will read into the allegory what they want. While you may think they are speaking of the Godly knowledge, they mean something else.

Workers preaching is often not clear. People are left to wonder. Workers consider "wondering" that leads people to idolize them, that this is the spirit of God. It's not.

2x2s often speak in allegories to cloak what they mean. It is obvious to the followers of the workers, but not so obvious to outsiders, until you know what their real beliefs are.

Repeated Words - Brainwashing

  • "this ministry" - as opposed to all Christian ministries
  • "This work" - they mean 2x2 preaching, not gospel preaching in general
  • "this way" - their way, not God's way
  • "the truth" - their organization, not Jesus Christ
  • "our fellowship" - their meetings, not fellowship with God
  • "we" - grouping words, insinuating their followers, the friends
  • "the world" - anyone not part of their religion including Christians
  • "the flesh" - any thought you would have that they don't like, doesn't include their flesh though or their will which they are trying to conform you to
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