The 2x2 Gospel

Here is the 2x2 gospel as I have learned it since a child and taught it in 2x2 gospel meetings.

One Line Version

You need to come to meetings, profess in a meeting, get baptized by the workers and keep coming to meetings and supporting the older brothers, overseers and workers until the day you die.( and then you "might" be saved)

The Problems with this one liner. - First, you don't need to come to meetings. The scripture says you can safely ignore false prophets. Second, you need to proclaim Jesus Christ to the world. You don't have to stand up in a meeting held by false preachers. You don't need (nor should you) get baptized by false preachers, because this means you accept their false message. You should believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and get baptized by someone who preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in scripture. You don't need to keep coming to meetings because they are false prophets, and going to meetings will just fill your mind with insinuations that will lead you to believe lies. The 2x2 gospel is meant to dumb you down. You don't need to support the older brothers because that is encouraging false prophets and their is a curse on you if you do this. You don't need to support the overseers (same reason as above). You don't need to support the workers (same reason as above). You don't need to support them until you die because you should be faithful to Jesus Christ until the day you die so that you WILL be saved by the perfect cleansing blood of Jesus Christ who died to set you free and redeem us from our sins.

Two Line Version

The workers claim to be called by their god, have claimed to have sold all their possessions and given it away (according to the workers instructions) and gone homeless and penniless (feel sorry for them) so that they in their great love for souls (supposedly) could come deliver to you the message in the only perfect way that the 2x2 gospel message is to be preached - by homeless, penniless preachers who go out in pairs, and because of this you are supposed to believe that they are the only true servants of their god. (Then add the one liner above). You need to come to meetings, profess in a meeting, get baptized by the workers and keep coming to meetings and supporting the older brothers, overseers and workers until the day you die.( and then you "might" be saved)

The Problems with this two liner. - I will cover the added one line because the second line is addressed above.

The workers claim to be called by their god, and so do tens of thousands of other preachers. You know they were called by their god (a demon) because they behave differently that the apostles of Jesus Christ and deny the truths of scripture.

It is up to them if they want to sell all their possessions. Since selling all their possessions is not a general command of Jesus Christ to his disciples, then their doing so does NOT make them more righteous than anyone else. In fact, it makes them deceivers. And God hates deception.

If they have given away all their possessions and money, then that is their choice. It is not a requirement of Jesus Christ nor of his apostles. You won't find this requirement in scripture. If they HAVE sold everything and given the money to the older brothers and overseers, then that just makes me believe they are fools and have been conned by the workers. I know I was.

If they have gone homeless, then I don't feel sorry for them. It is not a requirement of preachers to be homeless. In fact, Jesus Christ sent his apostles to go into towns and find people worthy of them and to stay in that home. Since they had a home provided because they were earning their keep and Jesus Christ was paying for it, they were not homeless.

The 2x2 older brothers and overseers have trust funds with money. So they are not penniless. May workers keep thousands of dollars stashed away. Not once was I ever penniless when I was a worker.

I don't feel sorry for the workers. By now, most of them (if not all), have heard of this website and have the gospel to read freely as I believe they all have Bibles. If they reject the word of God and turn to fables started by William Irvine and his followers, then they have chosen to be miserable. Yes, they are deceived. But when they reject Jesus Christ as seen in scriptures, then what hope do they have?

I don't believe for a minute that ANY of the workers has a love for the souls of men. I cannot believe that they do because love is defined in scripture as keeping the commandments of Jesus Christ. And the 2x2 workers reject the commandments of Jesus Christ.

Workers and preachers of the 2x2 religion are not preaching the way, that is Jesus Christ. They are preaching their way of supporting their religion and gaining converts - the "homeless preachers in pairs and meetings" system. That is THEIR way, not Jesus's way. Jesus is the way because it's only through HIM that we can be saved. Not by false preachers with the latest gimmick of how to start a religion. The 2x2 system is only about 120 and some odd years old.

We cannot be saved by a way that false preachers are preaching a false message. That will never save a person. It is not taught in scripture. It is contrary to God. It is just a way of conning people, deceiving them and fleecing them of money.

Preachers of God don't have to go out in pairs. Jesus Christ sent his preachers in pairs to the Jews in Israel and they were commanded to raise the dead, heal the sick...none of which do the 2x2 workers follow. They are without power from God. I do believe God is trying to reason with them.

Because of what they do, you should NOT believe them, nor allow them into your home nor bid them Godspeed. You should not have pity on self-righteous preachers who lie to children and cover up child sexual abuse and crimes for their own profit.

We are to believe in the only true servants of God, Jesus Christ and his apostles for beginners. But the 2x2 followers have rejected the true servants of God and instead are following vain people.

So this is the summary - 2x2 workers claim to be true servants of their god, but the older brothers, overseers and their workers and money men are not what they claim to be and I believe are worshiping demons and reject Jesus Christ the son of the Living God.

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