2x2s and the 2x2 Religion

The 2x2 religion has many names: two by two religion, two by twos, 2x2s. Most often by their own followers they call themselves: The Faith, The Way, and The Truth. The hierarchy is made of the older brothers, the overseers, the workers, elders and the the friends of the workers. The religion was started by William Irvine, a FreeMason, in about 1897.

I want to tell you about this organization and denomination whose followers call themselves "The Way", "The Truth", "The Faith" and "The Testimony" among many other names. Most others call them 2x2s. I want to tell you about their secretive anti-Christ beliefs and history of deceit, the hypocrisy and their founder William Irvine.

Amazingly many of their followers don't even know that Jesus Christ is God our Saviour, and they don't know that if you believe in Jesus Christ as Lord And God then their overseers will excommunicate you.

I hope you ask yourself: "Is Jesus Christ God as He and the Apostles Claimed?"

Positive Identification

If you're not sure if the group you are in contact with is the 2x2s, then simply look at their hymn book. The 2x2s in the USA and English-speaking countries use a hymn book published by R.L. Allan & Sons titled "Hymns Old and New". So on the front cover you would likely see the words "Hymns Old & New". The publisher of the hymn book can be found within the first three pages of their hymnal. It will say "R.L. Allan & Sons". Hymn 1 is title "Tell me the Story of Jesus".

2x2s have homeless ministers/preachers who travel in pairs that they may call "workers".

They meet in homes every Sunday morning for what they call "meetings" or "Sunday morning meetings". They may call them "Bible studies" or "Bible talks" if you are new so that you won't google the word "meetings" and be found out.

2x2s attend annual services that they call "conventions".

2x2s often avoid using the words "meetings", "workers", "overseers" or even "meetings" from newcomers for fear that people will do searches on these words and find out their true beliefs. Often it has been a slip of someone in their testimony at a meeting when someone says "the faith" or "the way" that has led someone to search the INTERNET and find this website.

2x2s will often discourage newcomers from reading about their religion on the INTERNET by saying "It's all full of lies".

Usually these facts alone will tell you whether a the person is of the 2x2 religion and doesn't believe that Jesus Christ is God.

Worldwide Enforced Beliefs of the 2x2 Denomination

  1. older brother workers run everything
  2. overseers send out workers in pairs
  3. workers required to give overseers all their money, be homeless (they live in homes of followers) see Child Sexual Abuse
  4. Workers are the only true servants of God. All other preachers are of devil.
  5. Jesus Christ is not God our Saviour
  6. They are the only way to heaven
  7. Sunday fellowship meetings in the home
  8. No church buildings - they believe church buildings are of the devil
  9. Women must have long hair and wear it in a bun

Who I am - A Former 2x2 Worker Who Now has Faith in God

My name is Brad Lewis. I was born and raised in a family that believed in the workers. I "professed" at about 10 or 11 years old, was baptized by workers a year or two later and at age 18, I became a worker in this religion. However, my heart, mind and body could not take the hypocrisy and confusion of what I saw while being a worker and they dropped me of at my folks place to recover my strength. After recovering from being in the work, and many years later at about age 33, I went through the struggle of exiting again. Because of discovering the core evil beliefs of the religion, I could not attend meetings, I was so repulsed by the workers. In pursuit of God, I became a disciple of Jesus Christ. I came to believe in Jesus Christ as God my Saviour. Maybe you won't like some of the things you read. And frankly I'm not a good writer, but I want to at least share the things I've witnessed and been able to document in order to warn you. I've tried to include many scriptures because the Word of God is so relevant to understanding life.

Primary Belief of 2x2 Religion

The primary or foundational belief of the 2x2 religion is that their god is the only god and that the workers are the only true servants of their god. This is very similar to Muslim belief that Allah is God and that Mohammed is his true prophet. By following through it is easy to see that they believe any minister or preacher or person who rejects going to meetings is believed to be of the devil and going to hell.

Disbelief In Jesus Christ Who is the Word of God

The 2x2s do not believe in the New Testament of Jesus Christ. They don't believe in keeping the law of God/ the ten commandments written on their hearts nor can many even quote the law of God. They believe in following the workers and their traditions.

Who is Jesus Christ? Is Jesus Christ God?

2x2s believe that Jesus Christ is the son of a man but don't believe he is good and God as found in:

Mat_19:17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.
Mar_10:18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
Luk_18:19 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.
Mat_1:23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

Rejecting Greatest Commandment

The 2x2s reject the greatest commandment of God, which is to :Love the LORD thy God with all they heart, soul, mind and strength. Why?, you ask? Well they don't believe Jesus Christ is God, so how could they worship God?

Rejecting Second Greatest Commandment

The second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Since followers of the overseers and workers don't love God who inspires us and gives us power to obey him, then how can they love their neighbor as themselves?

Website Audience

  • people invited to the 2x2s gospel meetings or conventions and want to know what the group's beliefs really are
  • Women married to 2x2s. Some women marry a man in the 2x2 religion and for years never know what their husband's religion is.
  • Men married to 2x2s. Some men marry a woman of the 2x2 religion and for years never know what their wife's religion is.
  • Individuals dating a 2x2 and who want to know about their date's secretive religion and real beliefs
  • People who have faith in God and want to know about their neighbor's religion so as to be able to talk with them
  • Adults who were raised in the 2x2 religion, but who who never joined, or joined and then later left not knowing what it was all about. Many still think they are going to hell for not "professing" and are glad to know the 2x2s are just another cult. You can learn about Jesus Christ who came to save us from our sins.
  • Children and teenagers who are raised in "professing" homes but don't understand all the rules of the 2x2 religion or the Bible which is the word of God.
  • Relatives of 2x2s trying to figure out what their relatives' secretive religion is all about
  • 2x2s who have professed in meetings and are part of the religion but don't really know their foundational beliefs or haven't tried to put them in writing and compare them to the Bible. You may want to know what goes on behind the scenes with the workers and how overseers amass so much money.
  • People who were kicked out of meetings and are perhaps confused as to why

See also - Why This Website

Invited? - The First Outward Appearance

The outward appearance portrayed to newcomers by members of the 2x2 religion is that of innocent Bible studies or a simple home church. People are often invited to Bible Studies in a home. They may be handed an invitation or invited verbally. The people inviting you may claim that they are not part of any church. They may say that they are not part of an organization. They may say that it's not run by anyone. They may say that they are just a group of people that study the Bible. As a result of being told these things, many are surprised to learn the antiChrist beliefs of the 2x2s and their everyday practices.

Misconduct to Criminal Level

Don't take my word for it. Read letters from their own workers who tell that they don't follow Jesus Christ, messages from a sister worker who says she was raped by an overseer and read the court documents of convicted overseers.

See Graham Thompson and Graham Thompson Letter
See Jerome Frandle convicted overseer.
See Chris Chandler convicted.

See Leslie White accused by sister worker of raping her.

Names of the 2x2 Religion

What name do they take? The 2x2s will often say that they "have no name" or they are "nondenominational Christians". Both are lies. Whether the lies are told intentionally to mislead you or whether they are repeating what the workers told them to say, they are lies. In meetings, from their own mouths, they refer to themselves as "the friends". In their own meetings they often call their group "The Way" or "The Truth" or "The Faith".

Overseers of the 2x2 religion have declared and registered names for their business with governments. With some countries the overseers have registered as corporations and others as non-profit charities. See Registered Names.

2x2s Belief about Jesus Christ

2x2s don't believe Jesus Christ is God. They believe this is false doctrine and of the devil.

2x2s do not believe in the prophesied and written will of Jesus Christ. 2x2s do not observe the New Testament which is the law of God/ the ten commandments written on the heart.

Baptism of 2x2s by the Workers

Christian baptisms are rejected by 2x2s because Christians believe in a different Jesus Christ than Christians and preach a different gospel than Christians.

Regular Gatherings of 2x2s:

Public meetings:

  1. Sunday afternoon or evening Gospel meetings
  2. Wed or Thu evening Gospel meetings

Fellowship Meetings

  1. Sunday Morning meetings
  2. Wed or Thu night Bible studies


2x2s preach that to join or become a member you must:

  • go to their meetings
  • listen and believe their Jesus
  • believe that the workers are the only true servants of God (all others going to hell)
  • believe their antiChrist gospel
  • profess in a meeting that is "tested" by workers
  • be baptized by workers (a previous Christian baptism is not accepted)

Even after all these requirements of theirs, the workers claim you cannot know if you are saved. Somehow you are expected to accept them as saved and of God, damn all others to hell and not know about your own eternal end.

Hierarchy of the 2x2 Organization

The Older Brothers

Let's start with the little known "top" of the pyramid hierarchy. Without the "older brothers" the whole organization would fall apart more quickly into chaos.

The organization is run by "the older brothers". They are all male. No women are allowed to be in this group. These "older brothers" elect overseers according to how popular they are among the other overseers, workers and their friends. The older brothers make up the rules for the organization, and their approved overseers enforce these well defined rules. The older brothers mostly try to remain incognito and few know all their names. The older brothers have guaranteed income from bank accounts and trust funds. The older brothers maintain a staff of overseers to carry out their work. See list of older brothers


The overseers rule over 2x2s in geographical areas assigned to them by the older brothers. Overseers are always male and no women chosen for this office.

Overseers are responsible for many things, some of which include: glorifying themselves and the older brothers, managing their staff of workers, recruiting new workers, maintaining conformity within the rules, organizing the conventions and special meetings etc. Overseers have guaranteed income from bank accounts and trust funds. The names of overseers are most often found at the top of the workers list so everyone knows who is in charge. These workers lists are handed out annually after their home conventions. See list of overseers and their geographical assignments


Overseers recruit workers. To become a worker, one must profess faith in the overseer's way, sell all that they have (except suit, tie, computer, luggage etc), give the money to the poor (overseers and workers claim that they are the poor and demand money be given to them), and never marry. Workers must follow the overseers rules well in order to be allowed to become a worker. They must have popularity in order to become a worker. Workers follow the instructions of overseers who dictate to them where to preach, what to preach, how to preach, what they can speak about and what they cannot speak about.

All people in the 2x2 religion know the workers in their own area and the name of their workers' overseer. As a child, I rarely heard the names of the "older brothers" who rule over the overseers.

Search for workers names


Each Sunday morning (the 2x2s day of worship), the 2x2s attend Sunday Morning Meetings. These meetings are held in the homes of elders, appointed by workers with the approval of the overseers.

The Friends

The friends or the friends of the workers are the common follower in the religion. They follow the directions and teachings of the elders, the elder's workers and their workers' overseer.

Their "Don't" Beliefs:

Most children know their religion according to what they "don't" believe in. Some rules vary according to overseers and workers as to what degree they are believed or enforced but here are a few that many will recognize:

  • Don't believe Jesus Christ is God
  • Don't observe the New Testament, the Will of Jesus Christ which is the law of God / 10 commandments written on heart
  • Don't believe in fasting
  • Don't believe in healing
  • Don't believe in giving alms
  • Don't believe in gift of tongues
  • No church buildings - they are "of the devil"
  • No preachers with declared incomes - they are hirelings of Satan
  • No makeup at all - that is "worldly"
  • No jewelry at all - this is "worldly"
  • No pants at all (women must wear dresses, skirts) - pants are "worldly"

2x2 Religion is Not of God

Since after extensive research I recognize that the overseers and workers don't believe Jesus Christ is the Word of God and don't believe He is good, then I have come to understand that the 2x2 religion is a cult and simply not of God. All must repent of their sins and put their faith in God like Jesus Christ teaches in order to be saved.

Jesus Christ himself is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and God our Saviour just as He said He is.

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